Homemade curry powder recipe

It’s a 5 minute – 5 ingredients curry powder recipe that will make you fall in love with Indian cuisine.

If you have already tried curry… you know what I mean.

I have no other words to say besides that it is the most perfect combination of spices.

This mix has a wonderful golden color, a mouthwatering smell, and a fantastic taste.

The spices themselves smell and taste very good, but after combining them… it’s divine.

What are the main spices for curry?

  • Coriander;
  • Cumin;
  • Turmeric;
  • Chili.

But usually, you can adapt the mix based on your preferences or what you have on hand.

Normally I replace chili powder with paprika powder because I am not a fan of spicy food.

Sometimes I also add ginger powder, garlic powder, a bit of cinnamon, mustard, cardamom.

Also, please, experiment with the proportion of each spice.

For example, I found that for me, coriander is on the first place. So, if I add 1 tbsp of coriander, I would add less of other spices.

For how long can I store homemade curry powder?

I would recommend storing it in a cool, dry place for up to 3 months.

But I have a pro-tip for you.

You can make your curry powder directly in your pan when making curry meals!

What I do is to cook some onion in oil and after 2-3 minutes I add the spices: coriander, cumin, turmeric, chili, and other spices that I love (normally ginger, garlic powder, and a pinch of cinnamon).

By doing so, you will be more flexible with the spices that you add and you won’t have to worry about expiration date. 

homemade curry powder recipe
homemade curry powder recipe

Best brands for spices

Of course, you should try all of them by yourself and see which one you prefer, but I trust the Simply Organic brand on this.

Their spices are flavorful and non-GMO.

You could find them on iHerb. I’ve managed to order from their site in Europe, but in the U.S. should be even easier and faster to do so.

I also have a promo code for 5% off on any order of any amount: CAB7801

homemade curry powder recipe

Where can I add curry powder?

Mostly it is used for curry meals.

Basically, for making a curry meal you need:

a. Cherry tomatoes or tomato puree;

b. Curry powder;

c. Coconut milk;

d. Vegetables or beans.

Most vegans make this kind of recipe because it’s simple to make, quick, and delicious. Also, because you can make so many variations of curry.

  • Pumpkin curry;
  • Potato curry;
  • Broccoli curry;
  • Cauliflower curry;
  • Lentil curry;
  • Chickpea curry;
  • Curry soups…

The list goes on. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of curry recipes.

There are a lot of options: add this mix of spices in other recipes like stews or baked meals.

Homemade curry powder recipe

Curry powder recipe

Prep time

5 min

5 servings

5 tbsp

Ingredients for curry powder recipe

How do you make a curry spice from scratch?

  1. Add the spices in a small jar or bowl: coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, chili powder, ginger powder, and cinnamon powder.
  2. Mix them until well combined.
  3. Store in a cool and dry place for (preferably) up to 3 months.


  1. Try to use organic and authentic (meaning from India mostly) spices. By doing so, your curry powder will be more flavorful and tastier.
  2. Besides those ingredients, you can also add dried ground mustard, a pinch of cardamom, ground black pepper, garlic powder.
  3. Pro-tip: if you don’t want to store the curry powder, make it directly when cooking (probably you will need to add around 3 times less amount for each ingredient). Just add all the ingredients to your pan or pot (I do it after I cooked the onion in the oil).

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