About me

Hi there, I am Diana

About me

My name is Diana. I am from a small country in Europe (Romania) where I have just graduated.

For my entire life, I was passionate about a healthy lifestyle. I was always looking for healthy recipes and various sport-related subjects. 

Then, a couple of years ago, I found out such terms as a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. After a couple of struggles and trials, today I find myself being vegan.

Of course, I will always inform myself whether another lifestyle will fit me better. But for now, I feel more energy and less anxiety than ever before. That is why I want to share with you here plenty of recipes and advice that I use to feel better.





I am eager to make small, perhaps even indirect contributions to the world by sharing what I am passionate about: nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

Moreover, I would like to share some of my hacks and tips about cooking and kitchen organization.

I truly hope that by reading my blog posts you will step towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Bubble's Green aim

By this website, we want to ensure you a healthy and consequently, a happy lifestyle.

It is well known that to focus on our inner thriving, firstly we need to consider our body, by giving it nutritive food and lots of physical activity.

Mostly, we want to point out a plant-based or, as called, vegan lifestyle. This is because this way of living will prolong your life, it’s cruelty-free and more sustainable for our planet.

In this way, a longer and well-balanced life is guaranteed not only for you but also for your co-Earthlings:)